Change of mindset will change the world?

ThisChangesEverything_bookCover  Everyone talks about it, but what does it mean exactly? Naomi Klein’s article (link below) points out…again (if you read / listen to progressive journalism at all)…that a universal shift in mental-models (and  heart-assumptions and embodied-subversions of the status quo) must happen in order that we take the end of the world seriously enough to change the global heart-mind. Plus, the article assures us, such a thing is possible! They did it in Egypt didn’t they!? Bless ’em.

But it doesn’t say much about what models-potentials we need to put in place or how. I get the sense that “everyone” fuzzily thinks “everyone else” just “knows” what that means. Or worse, everyone is trying to stay away from ever stating explicitly what that means so as to not step on relativistic toes.

Here, I’ll say it. It means all the complex ways to locally reach at least these three things, then* go for more! — Dignity, Attunement, and Creativity. Don’t tell me you can’t walk up to any four-year -old on the planet to ask “what do these things mean?” and not get an answer you’d at least generally agree with. Laugh. Of course they wouldn’t use such highfalutin’ language. They’d probably call it something like: “Hey, that’s not fair!” or “Hey, listen to this!” or “Hey, look what we did!” And 99.99% of the time they’ll be absolutely right, no argument. The 0.01%’nth time, it’ll be because they got interested in something else all of a sudden. Something a whole lot more interesting that just sitting around talking about ‘it.’

And Whitehead wrote, “But in the real world it is more important that a proposition be interesting than that it be true. The importance of truth is that it adds to interest.” (Process and Reality, 2ed. rev., p. 259; and in the context of his paragraph, ‘interesting’ meant of world-changing import for the good of the many).

So one way to describe the new mindset might be: “Let’s go try to become even more interesting!” (interested?) (inter-est-ing — ‘inter-be-ing?’ Anyway…)

…I hope my dissertation will clarify the specifics on this line of questioning, “what’s that mindset everyone’s supposed to be changing to?” At least in part. And I’m close to publishing a final draft…so stay tuned.

[Spoiler alert.] I’m ‘dissertating’ on Alfred North Whitehead’s fallacies of misplaced concreteness, what Process Philosophy says about the nature of Nature, and how acknowledging Process principles creates a “width of grasp that allows greater choice for effective leadership.” Don’t get me started! Now, enough procrastination. I must get back to actually writing it!

Meanwhile, this is a very good article, so read amongst yourselves.

Climate Change Is a People’s Shock | The Nation.

And her book is even better. ‘This Changes Everything,’ Simon & Schuster, 2014.


* “And then go for more!” (I love footnotes.)

For a longer list of “higher” mental models, I like the Quaker tenets that every Quaker “believes.” Quakers take these as a fundamental starting place, but then arrive personally at a particular meaning, each in he/r own way. (The first-first Quaker tenet, of course, is that each arrives at their own understanding of deeper issues in a supportive community of fellow seekers). These are the tenets — SPICE(S): Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality / Equitable treatment, (and sometimes a more recent addition, Stewardship / Sustainability). For almost four hundred years, Quakers have been (are) in the front line founding membership of social movements like prison reform, peace activism, the abolitionist movement, the suffragist movement, genocide rescue efforts, poverty rights, the ecological movement, the list goes on. Full disclosure: I consider myself Quaker. 🙂

Continuing the litmus of asking a four-year-old in order to get a straight answer — Here’s a page sharing what one organization of Quaker children understand these tenets to mean:

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