Leadership (and life) is about showing up, not about technique

The elements of generative leadership* aren’t about technique but about the quality of one’s personal presence to the Unfolding, to continual discovery, intention, dialog, active listening to active information (what wants to emerge), intuitive action, and to bringing what is needed into the world.

When I engage in these activities, when I show up to actually do them, that’s when miraculous things begin to happen. I’ve rarely had to wait until I got “good” at them. Now, with practice, indeed, I find I do get better at it, and more Grace appears. However, that Grace has always shown up itself, not because I did it “right,” but simply because I showed up at all.

Here’s one of the world experts on the subject, Joseph Jaworski:


Who’s written or co-written three very good books:

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (1998)

Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future (2008) with Peter M. Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, and Betty Sue Flowers

Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation (2011)


The footnote (what a weird thing to put in a two-paragraph blog entry, chuckle, but here goes):

* By leadership, I do not necessarily mean the job title that gets you a paycheck. I mean acting out a purposefulness that turns into something meaningful for the world at large. I mean being out front, doing your “thing.” Maybe others will follow, maybe not. (They probably will, because that “thing” is refreshingly authentic.) With leadership, you are contributing to the cosmos that thing that only you can, that only you were built for, and that only because of you causes the universe to become a better place.

One of my purposes in the cosmos, my “leadership,” is to create world conditions where there actually is a connection between your job title and your deep purposeful leadership in the cosmos–with a guarantee that your paycheck will follow from there. In other words, one of my reasons for being is playing a part in making sure everyone worldwide so thoroughly enjoys their job that they would do it for free (as if all bills were already paid) — and then earn a sustainable income anyway.

If we show up, it will come.

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