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New Course: Grace, as Real as Gravity

October Course — “Grace is as Real as Gravity”  First part of a 3-course Winter Seminar — The series covers three course-topics, GRACE, MINDFULNESS, and CREATIVE EROS:

October Course: Grace is as Real as Gravity, But With Its Own Rules

November Course: Choose Your Own Best Mindfulness Practice, One You’ll Actually Do

December Course: Eros, Sex, Joy: The Beginnings of A Life Well-Lived

Reserve your place — seating is very limited to create a safe welcome filled with interesting people.


Mindfulness does not split Self away from Other.

A story in the Washington Post insists that Mindfulness has become an exercise in self-interest. This may be true, but the distinction between self and other is more subtle than that.

Unless I become Mindful from within a concern for a cause greater than myself, I am not mindful. However, unless I become myself more Mindful, unless my “me” as a_relative_ center my world becomes skilled in mindfulness, I cannot become a Mindful (creative, peacemaking) presence in my world. All wise life starts from my skills in… [read more].


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Superpower Wisdom Manifesto [in very rough draft]

These are notes I made after our class on “What is Your Superpower?” They turned into a manifesto of sorts, in very rough form. Like I said, they were notes made on the back of a sheet of paper. I offer them as the “thoughts out loud” that they are. Enjoy.


You make your life healthy, wealthy, beautiful, wise by…

see my post on my Answer Collaborative Patreon site where my advance chapters and other resources will begin to be published.

Almost next to last final version under review preparatory to proofreading and final edit

Dissertation Title Page

Dissertation, 2012-2016

I’m so close to finishing! When will it all be over, finally?

To see the current version in a web-viewer go to

Conger_Dissertation_August2016.docx — Pre-proof final draft under review by Committee

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Mindful Mag Re-Post: 7-things-mindful-people-do-differently-and-how-to-get-started

How the brain changes when you meditate.

Mindful Magazine repost.

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